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WE Care Autism Services provides consultation for school district classrooms. Services provided include providing 1:1 aides, consultation to aides and teachers, as well as school personnel training on ABA principles. 
Classroom Consultation

This service requires an individualized assessment, often a Functional Behavior Assessment.  Consultation may be limited to one or two areas of focus, e.g behavior reduction, or may encompass the design and monitoring of an intensive behavioral treatment program that focuses on skill acquisition. Often school consultation occurs in conjunction with an afternoon in-home ABA program. 


WE Care Autism Services Provides: 
  • Behavior Management

  • Staff Training

  • Classroom Management Systems 

  • Curriculum Modifications

  • Visual Supports

  • Functional Behavior Assessments

  • Individualized Behavior Support Plans

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Teams

  • IEP Support

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